Pandora’s Box

In Our Day

War is the most overt and violent of the forms of Evil.  It is Force literally at gunpoint.

Diplomatic and Political miscalculations can easily lead to war.  Economic tensions and tit for tat retaliation in trade can easily lead to war.  Clashes of culture regularly lead to war.  What I am getting at is that the subjects I talk about on the other pages of this site can easily be triggers for war.

Wars don’t usually happen because some bad person has an evil plan to take over the world.  On the other hand, they regularly happen due to miscalculation, often on the part of lower level leaders who have no real idea what their actions might unleash.

Contrary to what you see in the news, we live in the greatest period of peace the world has ever known.  There has not been a truly contested army against army conflict since the 1970’s.  There hasn’t been a widespread “real” war since the 1940’s.  By ”real” war, I mean the kind of war where all of the resources available to modern nations are brought to bear; millions of Soldiers, mass industrial production, every weapon available to mankind.

World War II was as long ago for us now, as the American Civil War was to the people fighting the Nazis and Imperial Japanese.  And technology has advanced as much between those two wars as it has between WW II and now.  So no one really knows how all this new technology is actually going to affect things on the battlefield, because no one since the 1970s has really put modern weaponry up to the ultimate test.

War is the great Pandora’s Box of history.  No one really knows what will happen or how it will play out.  And that’s without considering the big question about potential future wars of whether or not nuclear weapons will be used. (They probably will be, but I believe their use will be limited.  But more on that later)

Most armies believe that there will never be another major war.  Except maybe one that is very short.  Of course, this was the belief before both of the last two World Wars, and everyone was wrong then.

What To Do

Wars start because one side wants to force the other to give something up, usually some aspect of Freedom.  And if you don’t defend against it, you lose those Freedoms.

We all know that war is one of the great horrors of history.  We don’t want war, but we need to be prepared for it.

Preparing to defend yourself, your freedoms, and your country is not necessarily about spending more money.  I will discuss this quite a bit in future posts.  But it does mean preparing yourself and your family for what most probably will come.

I am not talking about building bunkers in the woods or arming yourself to the teeth.  But I am talking about taking pragmatic steps to make sure you and your families are prepared to face the extremely difficult challenges that war brings.