Our “Most Trusted” People

Throughout all past ages, from the start of recorded history until just under a hundred years ago, almost every culture and every civilization has held a certain group of people in the lowest possible esteem.  I shouldn’t say the “lowest” as I am sure the criminal element and prostitutes were on the absolute bottom rung.  But the group I am alluding to was barely one level higher.  This would be those who act on stage, the entertainers, the actors and actresses.

The reason for the lowly reputation of entertainers was their collective loose morals.  Most societies viewed them with the same aversion they had for prostitutes.  It wasn’t just the blatant sexuality in very conservative environments.  They were also viewed as dishonest and masters at manipulation.  After all, they pretended to be someone else for a living.

This started to change in the late 19th century and the change was accelerated by the invention and then mass appeal of the movies in the early 20th century.  Entertainers became celebrities.  This has continued into our day.  It is now so reversed that entertainers and other celebrities, like star athletes, are now our societies “Most Trusted” people.

The bizarre thing is that the fundamental reasons they were viewed with disdain in the past, loose morals and destructive behavior (to themselves and/or towards others) hasn’t really changed.  Of course there are many fine people who are actors and actresses, but collectively, they have the same characteristics as in ancient times.  The same people drawn to this profession then are the same kind of people drawn to it today.

What is truly frightening is that most people are actually influenced by what these now “most trusted” people have to say.  About almost any topic.  Most people believe that they know these actors and actresses and that they are just like the characters that they play.  The reality is that the vast majority are under-educated, insulated from normal society, and elitist.  And they are NOT the people that they pretend to be on the movie screen.  They are, after all, ACTING.

What To Do

Don’t accept the word or opinions of someone just because they are famous.  Study issues for yourself and make up your own mind.

Don’t believe that someone has certain traits or talents or understanding just because they portray someone on the screen that has these attributes.  Understand there is a difference between “make-believe” and reality.

Consider the actual lives and accomplishments of those that you look up to.  Do they really deserve your trust?  Why then do we continue to put so much credence into what these people have to say?

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