The Lesser of Two Evils

The 2016 Presidential Election presented American voters with what were probably the two worst choices for President in the history of the Republic.  Both were and are reprehensible individuals with massive egos.  As a result, most people voted for what they viewed as the least corrupt and least reprehensible, with more voting for change than for continuity of existing policies and practices.

Clinton is as corrupt as all get out.  And it is obvious to anyone who can read.  While Secretary of State under President Obama, she gave preferential treatment (and as Sec. of State she wielded enormous power in granting trade and business concessions) to companies and individuals who paid her husband exorbitant speaking fees, or who donated money to her family “foundation”.  Her personal character is in question for how she dealt with those accusing her husband of sexual harassment and even rape.  Her personal life seems to be one of doing anything and saying anything to gain and maintain power, which she egotistically believes she is entitled to.

Trump is different only really in the particulars.  He is a real estate magnate from New York City.  He borrowed billions for projects and then enriched himself in a shell game that left the banks holding the bag when the loans came due.  He then converted over to selling his name and persona.  His method of success is not to create, but to enrich himself at the expense of others.  Personally, he is a thin skinned bully who says the most outrageously egotistical things.  On top of this are his misogynistic statements that are an affront to any female.

Given these choices, people voted for what they viewed as the lesser of two evils.  Trump represented change and a willingness to put America’s interests first.  He was supposed to dismantle many of the Obama policies and programs, appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court, do something to stem the tide of illegal immigration, and, of course, lower taxes.  I still have no idea what Clinton represented other than “it’s a Woman’s turn” and “She deserves it”.

America gets the leaders it deserves as a nation, .  Our collective lack of political interest and involvement left us with these two completely avoidable choices.  Both candidates had to go through the primary process of their respective parties.  People actually voted for both Clinton and Trump to make it to the “finals”.  And this is both a condemnation of us as a nation, and of the two party system we currently use.

What to Do

The only way NOT to get choices like these is to become politically active.  This starts with educating yourself on the issues, and investigating alternatives regarding the options to solve our problems.  Being involved in the nomination and primary processes is a good next step, as this is where the “finalists” are chosen.

I believe that both the Republican and Democratic Parties are hopelessly controlled by special interest groups and extremists.  I see no way of correcting these corrupt and self serving institutions.  There needs to be other major, national parties.  Ones that are not controlled by extremists, and ones that are willing to tackle the serious problems we have.

When things really go bad, and they soon will, we cannot trust either the Democrats or Republicans to fix the problems, as they and their self-serving leaders have created them in the first place.

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