Our Broken System

We spend most of our lives dealing with and worrying about Money.  We need money to pay for things we need, like food and shelter, and for things we want, like travel or jewelry.

We spend our early years, if we have any wisdom and opportunity at all, preparing ourselves to make money.  We do this by education in a trade or profession.  Most of us try our best to position ourselves to be able to turn our time, our energy and our talents into Money.

Money’s purpose is to store value.  The value of the time, talents and energy we expend for others.  Money allows us to trade this stored value for things that we in turn value but don’t produce for ourselves.  Unfortunately the money we currently use is not necessarily storing value.

The fundamental problem with our current economic systems is that we are all using what is called Fiat Currency.  There is nothing backing our currency other than a government decree that it is legal tender, and our collective faith that it is worth something.

In the past, currency was backed by physical gold or silver.  This has not been the case for a very long time.

Fiat currency is prone to manipulation by Governments and Banks.  They produce it as they create Debt.  They benefit by the fact that there is no constraint on their creation of it, so long as people collectively believe it is worth something.  We still collectively believe this, or none of us would go to work or accept this currency as payment for anything.

This system is woefully flawed.  It has led to the creation of mountains of nearly incomprehensible debt.  Debts that can never be repaid.  We as nations and as individuals are collectively so far in debt, that neither we, nor our children, nor our children’s children can ever repay it.

Our economies are distorted due to manipulations by Governments, Central Banks, and others with significant wealth and power.  There are fewer and fewer opportunities to gain personal wealth due to these manipulations.  Unemployment and Underemployment have surged.  And so have Government and Individual levels of debt.

The current situation is one of a “Debt Spiral”.  Debt leads to more debt to pay off the old debt and the interest due on it, plus additional debt to pay for the things we don’t want to do without.  This broken system will eventually fall apart, and when it does so, we will all suffer.

What To Do

The first step is education.  The above is a “short and sweet” explanation of the basics.

You can view an excellent 30 minute video on the subject at this link:

While the presenter does a fine job of explaining the basics, recognize that his primary motive is to sell you gold and silver.  While there is merit to doing this, other courses of action are more pressing to most people.