Barbarians INSIDE the Gates

Barbarians Sack Rome

Rome lasted as a great power for over a thousand years.  There are a lot of reasons given for its fall.  Most of these factors did contribute to the decline of the Roman empire, but its fall is primarily the cause of Barbarians.  Not just Barbarians attacking its borders.  But PRIMARILY due to Barbarians it let inside its borders.

Over time the Roman people became utterly materialistic and fainthearted.  They increasingly relied on Barbarians to join their Armies.  Barbarians that they had already let into their country.  Barbarians that continued to maintain allegiance to their Barbarian tribes.  In fact, after the battle of Adrianople, the Romans let Barbarians into their country with weapons, and as tribal groups.  The Romans were defeated as much by the ENEMY WITHIN as those invading across the border.

For ages the Romans had let Barbarians into their country.  But they broke up groups before dispersing the families of the groups to widely different areas.  The Barbarians were expected to assimilate as best they could, and to acquire Roman values and culture.  But when they started to let in giant groups, allowed them to stay together and to maintain their own tribal culture and tribal allegiances, the end of Rome was near.

Right now Europe is basically doing the same thing to itself.

Masses of people from the Muslim world are entering Europe.  They are moving there primarily for economic reasons.  They want to go to the countries that will give them the most money and the best benefits.  This is why most head to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden.

They are in large groups that have little to no intention of assimilating.  Many, if not most, don’t learn the local language.  They don’t adopt societal norms.  Many don’t even want to work.

It would be fine if these groups accepted the societal norms of the countries they move into.  But, as a whole, they don’t.  They maintain their own culture and values, and it is radically different from the countries they are moving into.  They also maintain their primary allegiance to their tribe, and increasingly view the people and governments providing their every need with contempt and hostility.

Not that Europe has ever had any success in assimilating foreigners.  Europe’s history is one of separation of cultures into distinct countries behind defensible borders.  They would then fight the neighbors because they are different.

But now Europe is actually allowing increasingly massive numbers of what may well be their worst enemies into their communities.  They are experiencing rates of crime and terrorism increasing on an exponential curve.  And when the handouts end as governments face coming financial crises, much worse is going to happen.

What to Do

Countries should accept immigrants, but there should be expectations.  Expectations that the laws will be obeyed.  Expectations that immigrants are to become productive and contribute to society.  Expectations that they will assimilate to at least acceptance of the primary culture.

The problem for Europe is that this may very well be 20/20 hindsight.

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