About Me

My posts are based on broad and extensive experience and study regarding what has already happened, the situations we are currently in, and what we will most probably be dealing with shortly.  My background includes the following:

Published Historian

I have published multiple historical studies, dealing not just with what happened, but more importantly, WHY it happened.  Most of my works deal with great upheavals and conflicts in the not too distant past.  I have learned that history is not random, and is an important guide to weathering the coming storms.

Retired Military Flag Officer

I have more than 30 years of military experience, having served in from a line officer to senior levels of command.  I have served in multiple countries and have experience with NATO and other Allied Nations.  I have extensive experience with Combat Arms, Logistics, Medical, Emergency Response and Strategic Planning.  I have worked at all levels of command, from the smallest of units to General Staffs and with Senior Officers and Officials at the National level.

Engineer with High Tech Companies

I have an Engineering background and have worked for the most High Tech companies in the world.  Since the world is rapidly changing due to technology, it is important to understand its impact, both real and potential, in current and future events.

Entrepreneur and Start-Up Executive

I have either started or been involved in the start up of multiple companies.  I experienced first-hand the risks and intricacies of business finance as well as losses and rewards due to the economic system we live in.

Multinational Experience

I have worked around the world for years and speak multiple languages.  I understand the differences and intricacies of multiple cultures and their respective points of view.  I understand what the rest of the world is like in terms on the individual and collective basis, and I understand it from their different point of view.

Government Experience

I have worked in, for, and with multiple governmental agencies at every level of government, from Local to the State and National levels.  I understand all too well how government, and most importantly, the people in government operate.