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The World is approaching a Time of Great Change and Extreme Turmoil.

This site is intended to help identify the challenges ahead and provide guidance on how to best navigate the coming storms.

The site will look at current and potential future events in four main areas:




Warfare/Military Affairs

Along with analysis of what is going on or what is about to be going on, I will discuss options on how to best deal with the situation, and how to prepare yourself for what is coming next.

THE CORE ISSUE is “Good vs Evil”

The history of the world is one of a constant struggle between Good and Evil.  This unending conflict takes place on multiple fronts, not just in War.  Good and Evil are pitted against each other in the arenas of Politics, Economics, and Culture.

To understand what is going on, we have to understand the fundamentals of what each side is about.

Evil, in the end, is always about FORCE.  Evil wants to force you to do things.

  • Evil may want to force you to die (think Jews in the Holocaust)
  • Evil may want to force you into slavery (as in the actual Slave Trade)
  • Evil may want to force you to give up your property (as in Communism)
  • Evil may want to force you to live somewhere else (think Ethnic Cleansing)
  • Evil may want to force you to practice a different religion (think Muslim Terrorists)
  • Evil may want to force you to have a certain leader (as in any Dictatorship)
  • Evil may want to force you to think a certain way (think about Political Correctness)

History is full of examples of each and every one of these examples.  They have happened in the past, and continue to this day.

Good, on the other hand, is about FREEDOM.  Good wants you to have a choice about what you do.  If Evil can’t force you to do something, it is at least going to try to restrict or limit your choices.

Our most precious Freedoms revolve around our ability to make choices about our thoughts, our actions, our families, and our property.

Freedom has limits.  That boundary is choosing to inflict injury or otherwise force others to suffer.  You cannot “choose” to harm others and claim it as an exercise of freedom.  Choosing to force someone else to suffer is in fact Evil.

In any discussion of what is going on in the world, or what might happen next, we have to remember that the basic fight is fundamentally between Good and Evil.

The good news is that Good, in the end, can always win.  But to win, Good must fight against Evil.  If not, Evil can have the upper hand for a long long time.

I personally am optimistic for the long term.  But our lifetimes are in the historical short term, and right now, I am very concerned about how badly the fight against Evil is going.

What To Do

The first thing to do is just to recognize the conflict.  Recognize when Evil is trying to force people to either do something or trying to force them NOT to do something.  Recognize when others are trying to restrict or eliminate Freedom.

We have to fight against the forces of Evil.  In the extreme case, this means militarily, where we have to engage in actual combat against armed forces who are moving to eliminate freedoms.  We need as nations and often as individuals to have the means and ability to do this.

In many cases, it means being active politically, working to help defeat laws and other measures designed to restrict or eliminate freedoms.  This is more than just voting.  It means being involved in volunteer efforts and donating funds to support efforts to fight Evil.

In any case it involves education and service.  Learn about what is going on.  Learn how to fight evil.  And then put that education into effect through service to gain and maintain freedoms.